Thursday, May 04, 2006

10 Years ago today....

Well today is the Big 10!! 10 years ago tonight I married my wonderful prince. We had a beautiful wedding with a dessert reception. It was a fairytale type wedding for sure!! My marriage seems to be also. I have a wonderful husband and a delightful daughter. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I just did and I’m keeping them both!! Phil sent me these gorgeous flowers today for the big day. He knows I don’t always like getting flowers but luckily he doesn’t always listen to me...:)

My advice to anyone seeking a husband out there is this… OPEN YOUR EYES AND DON’T SETTLE FOR WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE ONLY GOOD FOR. My husband is TOTALLY not the type that I thought I liked and wanted, by far!! You never know until you open your eyes and see what’s out there and don’t settle!!!

With that said… Thanks Buggy for 10 great years and here’s to many, many more!!! 143!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Anyone watch ONE TREE HILL??

I don’t know why but I love this show!! I guess one of the reasons is because they really don’t seem to be too bitchy to each other. I think I like that because it gives me some faith in teenagers. I know that they are into a lot of things, but some of them are grounded enough to say NO which is a good thing at the age they are portraying. I like the fact that Haylie can say that she’s a virgin with confidence and a smile. That is so AWESOME!! This must in some part remind me of what it was like when I was a kid growing up. I think my friends and I had a lot of the same things going on in our group that these friends do and that was what makes it closer to my heart. Now I am only on season one so I could change my mind after that. So at the moment, season one is the one that grabs me!! If you haven’t seen it, check it out!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm REALLY clueless!!! Take 2

Ok so I was trying to say in my post that never made it on here is that I am CLUELESS for some strange reason when it comes to making this thing look good and not have posts disappear... I will sit at the desk forever looking like a fool drooling all over the place trying to figure this thing out. I know it's not rocket science, but WTF is wrong with me??? Brain, engage, please!!! Grrr!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Um, How do you get to sleep without Ambien???

So last night I decide that I am going to try to sleep without using my wonderful Ambien. I totally love this stuff because I can actually sleep!! I bought some Nite-trition™ Restful Sleep Supplement from Origins yesterday. I really wanted to try to go back to using Melatonin for sleeping. I used it years ago and it worked for me, but I couldn't always get my brand and had to stop using it. I also thought that spending $15 a bottle was a lot...Off course this bottle was $35, go figure. On the other hand the ambien is $40 a month. It all works out in the end I think. So I used it last night and think it would have worked great if only my brain would have shut the hell up!!! Oh and if when it finally did shut the hell up and I would go to sleep that I wouldn't have the totally paralyzing dreams that I have that totally freak me out and make me force myself awake...grrrr. Not good...nope, not good at all... I think I might have gotten some sleep, but nothing to brag about that's for sure!!
So I might try this again tonight. I don't know. I just want to be able to get off of Ambien so I can stop the binge eating and finally lose some of my fat that I gained when I was pregnant with miss Abigail.
Oh the things we will do to think we will look better...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Do they EVER listen??

Ok, yeah I know she's only 2 1/2, but is she EVER going to listen to me when I talk to her??? I have the sweetest most adorable child on the planet (of course I do, I'm the mother...), but boy, I just don't understand this whole not hearing me thing... (Yes I know she can hear me, but can she HEAR me...) Why is it that when someone comes over she's is so responding that it makes me look like I am crazy? I have to admit that I have probably got the easiest child in the world to deal with. She is just so wonderful, but I hate not being heard... I know, it's a conspiracy!!! She and her dad have set this up to make me think I'm crazy... That's it!!! Of course!!

She is cute, isn't she??

Monday, March 27, 2006

Ok, I'm going to do this!

Well I was bored... Not really bored, but needed an outlet. I think this might be what I am looking for! I hope I will be able to keep it up and make it fun.

I am a 41YO SAHM with a beautiful 2YO daughter named Abigail and an awesome husband named Phil. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in May!! I think it's a pretty terrific family!! Oh, and my name is Bonnie!

DH and I took up beading almost 2 years ago. I can't believe how much those little beads can multiply!! Phil loves to make rosaries and I like to make these caterpillar type bracelets! Tons of fun!! I will have to take pictures and post them at a later date... I will be back sometime!