Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Do they EVER listen??

Ok, yeah I know she's only 2 1/2, but is she EVER going to listen to me when I talk to her??? I have the sweetest most adorable child on the planet (of course I do, I'm the mother...), but boy, I just don't understand this whole not hearing me thing... (Yes I know she can hear me, but can she HEAR me...) Why is it that when someone comes over she's is so responding that it makes me look like I am crazy? I have to admit that I have probably got the easiest child in the world to deal with. She is just so wonderful, but I hate not being heard... I know, it's a conspiracy!!! She and her dad have set this up to make me think I'm crazy... That's it!!! Of course!!

She is cute, isn't she??

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